Your captains, local guides and interpreters

opening - our captain

Captain Yves Cossette

Our valiant captains, local guides and interpreters offer you a personalized service. Sociable and playful, they have the experience and training necessary to ensure your safety and guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Francophones born in Quebec, they are descendants of the colonizers of the St. Lawrence valley. They have a strong Quebecois accent, but they translate what they say into international English and French. They chose this profession because they love the outdoor life and the big spaces. With numerous expeditions across Quebec, whether as a forest technician, surveyor, engineer geologist, cartographer, naval architect, biologist, environmental consultant, tour guide aboard various forms of transportation, they are now meeting the world in Quebec City! They make the excursions that they would recommend to their families and friends. Finally, their stories and legends will surprise you for sure! Discover the majestic St. Lawrence River and new friends!